The Festival

The Linden Music Festival is a new, young artist programme based in the heart of Slovenia's magnificent capital of Ljubljana. Over a period of two weeks, the festival will bring together classical string students from the world's top conservatories and leading music institutions to learn, rehearse, and perform within Ljubljana's historic and awe-inspiring old town. The festival is a joint project between the London-based company, Augustine Noble, and the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana.


Slovenia is one of Europe's hidden gems and has virtually everything one might desire - the seaside, sparkling lakes and rivers, rolling hills, and Alpine peaks. Successful applicants will spend two weeks this summer making music within the heart of Ljubljana. Beyond the fairy-tale architecture and charming cobblestone streets, the city also offers breathtaking views of the Alps which surround it, making it the ideal setting to perfect one's art.  

Academy of Music

The festival will be housed inside the beautiful buildings and rehearsal rooms of the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana. The Academy of Music is the only musical arts institute of higher education in Slovenia and an establishment of special national significance. With just over 400 students, the Academy is the alma mater of many outstanding musicians. During the last decade, the Academy’s symphony orchestra has given many excellent performances abroad, establishing its reputation as one of the leading youth orchestras in Europe. Moreover, students regularly collaborate with numerous international orchestras. The graduates of the Academy of Music have a high employment rate and represent the majority of staff in Slovenia's professional ensembles and music schools. Graduates have become members of the world’s most prestigious orchestras, such as the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonics. In the last six years alone, students have won over 100 awards and prizes in national and international competitions.


Est. 2017

Augustine Noble Ltd

Based in London, UK, Augustine Noble Limited is an international concert touring company and artist management agency. The company specialises in the organisation and management of concert tours for orchestras, choirs, and chamber music ensembles within the classical music industry. Inspired by its namesake, Saint Augustine of Canterbury who first brought sacred music to England, Augustine Noble embodies that same spirit for music and travel. The Linden Music Festival is Augustine Noble's newest venture. 

Festival Mission

With the festival, we aim to engender and support our love of nature by creating music which reflects its environment. Augustine Noble is committed to fighting climate change and reducing the carbon foot print of the festival, which is why all participants, faculty, and staff members will have a tree planted in their honour. 


Slovenia's astounding beauty was the inspiration for the naming of the festival; and upon discovering that the Linden was the country's national tree, it seemed most fitting. Serendipitously, the Linden tree, has many musical ties, often being used as the subject or source of inspiration for many 18th and 19th century folk songs from Europe's Alpine region.


The Festival's Four Components

The festival has been designed around four key components...

1) Private Lessons

Participants will have a number of one-on-one lessons with the festival's distinguished faculty. 

2) Chamber Music

Participants will be placed into small chamber music ensembles where they will receive coaching from the faculty and have the opportunity to perform in one of several public chamber music recitals throughout the festival. 

3) String Chamber Orchestra

The students and faculty will join forces to form the festival orchestra, which will perform two concerts, one at the end of each week. 


Participants will be given the opportunity to perform in public masterclasses given by the festival faculty and guest artists.  


It's Not All Work...

What’s summer without a bit of fun? At the festival, we hope to encourage and promote health and wellness for our participants. As musicians, we spend many hours a day practising, which takes a toll on our bodies, both physically and mentally. So, we have built in a few activities to get you out of the practise room. Here are just five of the fun things you can do... 

1) morning exercise classes

What better way to start the day than with a bit of exercise? On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, the festival will offer group-outdoor activities, which will include a yoga class, a morning hike, and a gentle jog around the city! 

2) sightseeing trip to lake bled

Midway through the festival, the entire company will take the day off to enjoy Slovenia at its finest. Surrounded by the Alps, festival participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a boat ride on the water, picnic by the trees, or relax by the beach of Lake Bled (pictured right).

3) festival choir

Designed with fun in mind, the festival choir welcomes all to come and sing with their colleagues in a friendly and relaxed environment. During rehearsals, participants will explore beautiful works from the choral literature spanning the Renaissance to the 21st century!

4) ballroom dancing

Say farewell to your two left feet! Classes in ballroom dancing will be offered to those festival participants wanting to improve their dance skills. Ballroom dancing is a wonderful tool for learning movement, rhythm, and proper posture, which are all important elements for musicians. 

5) the castle celebration

On the final day of the festival, the entire company will ascend to Ljubljana Castle for a post-concert celebration. Dinner, dancing, and a live band within the medieval walls of the castle will make for the perfect setting to unwind after a fortnight of wonderful music-making!

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”

- Henry David Thoreau